• Training with Eric Wilson of Movement Sciences has truly been an educational and entertaining experience to say the least. I began training individually with Eric almost 3 years ago after meeting him in a group exercise setting. Immediately we made some simple yet profound changes to my exercise routine. I now know why and how to exercise not only safely but efficiently which is the most important goal.  Eric says frequently: "It's not how hard you train, but how well you recover that is more important". This I have found is quite true. We have together looked at my nutritional needs, and take monthly assessments (if I approve) to monitor if we are truly working smarter not harder. It has been a true pleasure training with Eric, and I recommend him to anyone at any fitness level."
  • "Wanting to improve my physical shape with a personal trainer requires such major commitments of kinds: financial, time, and mental. This last kind of commitment which demands that I apply myself regularly and maintain the determination from one week to the next is probably the most critical. In my case, very luckily, finding such mental commitment has come relatively easily, because Eric Wilson of Movement Sciences is such a great motivator. I have been able to maintain mental commitment at a consistently high level without too much trouble. Eric shows an amazing amount of attentiveness and responsiveness not only to my specific training needs-- shaped by both the strengths and weaknesses reflecting my physical conditions-- but also to my mood of the day. No doubt this comes from the knowledge and experiences he has accumulated over the years as a personal trainer. I greatly appreciate his strong professionalism, and this naturally makes it easy for me to trust and respond to where he is trying to take my achievements next. I am happy to report that in one year of working together, I have gotten stronger and more fit, and my posture is improving as well. There's nothing like good tangible results to motivate me to try for some more."
  • "I am a 51 year old woman who has always been active in competitive sports, but over the years had engaged in largely unstructured and inefficient exercise. But working with Eric Wilson as my personal trainer over a few short months has thoroughly improved my level of fitness  balance, core strength, flexibility and body awareness. And I lost a whole dress size to boot! Eric is dedicated to his clients and their personal goals, has a great sense of humor and instinctively knows when and how hard to push. I never feel like an "old lady" when I am working out with Eric and recommend him highly."
  • "When a colleague described Eric's work to me, I had been trying to reconcile myself to being partially disabled after injuring my Achilles tendon the previous year. I limped all of the time, experienced great pain on standing, and couldn't walk without inserts in the heels of my shoes. Crutches and a boot helped for a brief while, but I had been told that the only solution was surgery...I didn't have much confidence in the idea of surgery. I was also afraid I would injure my other leg in a similar way during the recovery period. Eric was immediately positive about my recovery...He was very sensitive to my fear of further injury and knew just how much to push me and when I should back off...Within 6 visits, the difference was astounding...This has totally changed my life. Although I have to be careful to strength first, I can now walk comfortably in normal shoes without limping, and I'm looking forward to bicycling again after a year of being unable to do so!"