Movement Sciences is based on functional training, a big-picture approach to human mobility that uses corrective exercise strategies to improve muscle imbalances and movement efficiency. The goal is to keep clients at peak performance through healing and prevention. We offer long-term solutions by addressing the causes that prevent healthy, functional movement. Our training plan for any client begins with a series of postural, range of motion, and strength assessments to diagnose the client's individual barriers to functional mobility. Based on this movement analysis and the client's goals and health history, we create an exercise and flexibility program to help the client learn more efficient movement patterns to manage pain, improve athletic performance, decrease risk of injury, and foster long-life health. We are also connected and work with some of the area’s top health professionals such as doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, nutritionists, acupuncturists etc.


Our Mission is to promote corrective exercise and functional movement to the forefront of the personal training industry while creating positive, sustainable lifestyle changes for all.


Train movement, not muscles: By reintroducing effective movement patterns we not only treat existing injuries/dysfunction but also prevent further or future damage. We train the body from the inside out, focusing on postural alignment, and then increasing loads to build strength and power.


ERIC WILSON received his Bachelors of Science from Plymouth State University in 2005, specializing in exercise physiology. His love of sports and fitness culture brought him to Boston the following year. Since then he has been heavily involved with improving the standard of personal training both locally and nationally. He is certified nationally by the NSCA, NASM, and ACSM, and aspires to continue his education and earn his master’s degree in the near future. Additionally, to his role at Movement Sciences, he opened the ACCEPT (American Center of Corrective Exercise and Personal Training) school in 2013 to properly educate and certify personal trainers. Eric believes that personal training should not be a luxury, but a necessity. Eric specializes in post rehabilitation, corrective exercise, functional movement, youth fitness, and sport specific training. As a former New Hampshire state champion tennis player, and a current rugby athlete, Eric understands the psychology of athletic populations, and how to best achieve their goals while minimizing injury.


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